Wear & Tear

Coming up on almost 4 months of road life.  Specifically, it’s been 120 days of constant travel: rad adventures, new faces, new places, good days, bad days, and more- all mixed together over a span of 17,000 miles.

Am I still in love with this whole vanlife adventure?  Overall, yes, but that’s becoming a bit more complicated to answer with full honesty.


Hanging out on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

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50 Shades of Blue

This trip has unveiled plenty of stunning views with vivid colors, but some of my favorite scenes have been the lakes I’ve visited along the way.  Most have been as equally cold as they are beautiful (a fact I know due to swimming in the majority of them), which isn’t really surprising being as many are fed by snowmelt and glacier runoff.


Sitting at about 9000′ elevation, with all that snow on the edges… you can imagine how warm this water was 

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Making my way from Maine to the Midwest

Leaving Acadia National Park in Maine felt premature, there definitely was more fun to be had in that northeast corner of the states, but this girl was ready to start heading west (FINALLY). This segment was over the course of a week, and to summarize immensely: drove approximately 1800 miles, hiked some mountains, crossed the U.S./ Canadian border twice, and hitchhiked for the first time. Continue reading


Three years ago, I told my supervisor at Navy Federal I wanted to travel around in a van.  Jokes were made (as is only fair), and my spur of the moment wanderlust-fueled dream faded… for awhile.

One year ago, something changed: instead of talking myself out of this crazy idea, I simply decided to run with it.  Full steam ahead.  From that moment on, I was committed.

Seven months ago I purchased my used and abused 2002 Ford e350 from a nice gentleman I found on Craigslist.

One week ago, we hit the road.

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