Nelsons Landing

Beat the heat of Vegas by driving out to Nelson’s Landing and cooling off in the Colorado River!  Bring your favorite pool float and drift around in a calm bay area, or get your adrenaline pumping with this area’s most prominent attraction- tons of rocky cliffs perfectly positioned by the waters edge, offering endless opportunities for some quality cliff jumping.

The drive here is relatively straight forward, taking a little over an hour to travel from Vegas.  Driving Nevada State Route 165 E takes you through the dramatic landscapes of Eldorado Canyon, where you will pass the infamous “ghost town” of Nelson- stop and check this place out.  Richly decorated with a variety of vintage artifacts (signs, vehicles, even movie props from scenes filmed here), you’ll find yourself taking a step back in time as you roam around.  This is the location of Techatticup Mine- an old gold mine open for guided tours, allowing a glimpse into the abundant history of the region.

About 7 miles past the ghost town, you’ll turn right and head down to a parking area by the river.  You can park here and walk across the cliffs, or take the dirt road to your right and drive further, winding around and down towards a large open area of the river (the road splits initially, stay to your left).  Bring shade, food, water, whatever you need to have a comfortable setup for a few hours so you can make the most of your time here.

Where to jump?  Anywhere you want, as long as the water is deep enough.  There are a few points that people always gravitate towards, so you can follow along with where others are going.  If you aren’t sure about a location, check it out first.  It would really suck to end up with a broken neck because you were too lazy/ stubborn/ indifferent to do some simple investigative swimming first.


Pro tip-  carry a light pool float with you to the cliffs- after hanging out and jumping for a bit, it’s fun to drift down the river to where you parked (as opposed to walking back).


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