Three years ago, I told my supervisor at Navy Federal I wanted to travel around in a van.  Jokes were made (as is only fair), and my spur of the moment wanderlust-fueled dream faded… for awhile.

One year ago, something changed: instead of talking myself out of this crazy idea, I simply decided to run with it.  Full steam ahead.  From that moment on, I was committed.

Seven months ago I purchased my used and abused 2002 Ford e350 from a nice gentleman I found on Craigslist.

One week ago, we hit the road.


The goal is to road trip my way around the country for a full year.  A year of adventuring of course (because YAY, adventure!), but more than that as well.  I want to meet new people, learn important life lessons, grow as a person, and hopefully come out of this trip a far more fulfilled and well-rounded individual.

In the last week I have spent time in Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine, enjoying an abundance of great experiences.  To share a few: witnessing beautiful sunsets and sunrises, enjoying a deliciously authentic New England lobster roll, canoeing around the largest lake in Maine (thanks to the two kind guys that lent me their canoe and trusted me to not sink it), and hiking Mt. Katahdin (Maine’s highest mountain, and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail).  I’ve also been fortunate in meeting some extremely cool people (including another Jessica Rose, oddly enough we even almost share a birthday).

I also have been absolutely eaten alive by mosquitoes and flies in Maine, and found out the hard way my van is not exactly leak proof on rainy nights.  Oh well, it’s all part of the journey I suppose, and I wouldn’t trade this journey I’m on for anything.  No regrets!  (Not even one letter.)

LRG_DSC09120 2.JPG

First sunrise of the road trip – a quiet beach spot in Delaware




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