Maine: A Series of Fortunate Events

Working my way up the East coast from West Virginia, I wasn’t entirely sure where I wanted to stop along the way, but one goal was clear: get to Maine.  No specific reasoning as to why, just an unmistakable gut feeling that I NEEDED to get there.


Listen to those instincts people… they’re usually spot on.  The 4 days I spent in that northeast section of America provided one good fortune after another (plus, the state is stunningly beautiful, so there’s that).  I’ll keep this short and sweet, but know that there are lots of stories behind these highlighted moments.

Camping in a remote area by Moosehead Lake (the largest lake in the state), and the only other campers there were two friendly guys, who almost immediately offered me their canoe to go explore on the lake. “Here’s a life vest and an air horn- just blast it if you get into trouble and we’ll come get you in the fishing boat!”

Leaving camp early the next morning, and experiencing an unexpectedly beautiful sunrise view: fog rolling off the lake in the valley, drifting up through the trees and mountains to meet the sunlight peaking over the horizon.


Successfully obtaining a day permit for Baxter State Park last minute so that I could hike Mount Katahdin (the highest mountain in the state, and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail).

Making new friends in Acadia National Park, and having an epic adventure day with said friends.  Traveling alone, it’s seriously so thrilling to meet interesting, kind, and genuine people to share time with- something I appreciate much more these days.

Spending my last evening in Maine climbing rocky coastal cliffs with the ocean crashing beneath me.  (Climbing is still a new endeavor for me, one that really tests my limits as I constantly battle my fear of heights, so this experience was one I was extra grateful for).  An epic experience I wouldn’t have forgotten… but than a random stranger nearby happened to capture it with his drone, and now I have these fantastic shots to remember the moment by.

Being told of a waterfall that normally wouldn’t be flowing, but recent rains had brought it to life. And if you know me at all… you should know I always, always chase waterfalls.


Waking up to soak in the sunrise from atop Cadillac Mountain (the highest point in Acadia, and for half of the year, it’s the first place the sunrise is viewable in the country).


Thank you Maine, you were very kind to me.

(Extra special thanks to the people that made it such a great time).


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