Pictured Rocks, Picture Perfect

When I asked for recommendations on a place to visit in Michigan a few people had mentioned the Upper Peninsula, and some vague references were made to Pictured Rocks being ‘pretty nice’.

That was definitely an understatement.


This area (Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore) was a complete shock and pleasant surprise to come across after driving back through the Canadian/ U.S. border.  Hiking through the woods, the foliage opens to expose crystal clear water in the most stunning hues of blue; standing high up on the sandstone cliffs that tower above the water, it’s hard not to imagine yourself being on some remotely beautiful island in the Caribbean (just without palm trees).

Sea caves, waterfalls, hidden beaches- lots of gems to find along this shoreline of Lake Superior.  I had so much fun wandering around this area, and thankfully it was relatively quiet, not overcrowded or bustling with activity as many beautiful areas have a tendency to become.  Fun fact- Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake (by surface area).  Looking across the horizon is like staring out into the ocean, with no shore in sight.  I never knew a lake could be so much like the ocean actually: complete with waves, rip currents, and tons of shipwrecks hidden within the depths.  Crazy!

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