Three years ago, I told my supervisor at Navy Federal I wanted to travel around in a van.  Jokes were made (as is only fair), and my spur of the moment wanderlust-fueled dream faded… for awhile.

One year ago, something changed: instead of talking myself out of this crazy idea, I simply decided to run with it.  Full steam ahead.  From that moment on, I was committed.

Seven months ago I purchased my used and abused 2002 Ford e350 from a nice gentleman I found on Craigslist.

One week ago, we hit the road.

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Time is the most precious thing we have.

From the moment you are born, an hourglass begins, sands slowly draining, counting out your days here on this earth.  Money can be earned, possessions can be purchased… but time is the one thing that we have no control over, that we cannot create excess of. Continue reading