Finding Hidden Falls

Three separate trips to Supai, and on the last I finally visited the elusive Hidden Falls- apparently the third time really is the charm!  One of the least mentioned landmarks of the area, this secret gem is definitely worth the trek off the main trail.  Looking down into the canyon from the cliffs above, you see no indication of this (aptly named) waterfall, which makes for a less crowded and even more alluring destination.


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Kanarra Falls

falls2.jpgSome of the hikes I go on are preceded by careful research: determining what the trail is like, when the best season to visit is, information on the surrounding area, and all the other tiny details that make up a really OCD but typically rewarding plan.

Other hikes go something like… see a picture or hear about a location.  Instantly interested.  Casually looking on maps to see how far away it is from my home base… and then my next day off, game on!

The second description is basically what happened when I saw a picture of a simple but striking waterfall, spilling down beside a rather questionable looking ladder, vibrant orange canyon walls dramatically framing the scene.

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