My Why

I love adventures.  New places, new faces, wide open spaces, all the good stuff.  Road trips, camping, hiking – being outside and in nature soothes my soul more than any other remedy.  Bad week?  Nothing a weekend away in the woods can’t fix.  Feeling stressed?  Time to climb a mountain and leave all your worries at the trailhead!

Spending all my time adventuring away and exploring new places would make me the happiest camper alive.  However, I can’t do this because I have somehow accumulated a great list of responsibilities that demand my time and attention far more than I’d like.  I work 40+ hours a week, have bills, an apartment to maintain… it’s like my daily life gets in the way of me actually LIVING.  The irony is rather unfair.

I don’t have a lifestyle or schedule that allows me to travel full time (yet), which means I have to make the most out of the down time I do have.  Long weekends, day hikes, and exploring anywhere within a few hours drive of my home (Las Vegas) are the staples that keep my sanity intact.  The posts I create are based around the experiences I have had and the places I have visited.  I have a few reasons for detailing those thoughts here:

  • Encouraging other women to be more fearless in their pursuits for adventure- especially finding joy and freedom in solo traveling.
  • Highlighting the beauty to be found in nature- there are so many spectacular sights right here in our backyards, and countless opportunities to get wonderfully lost in the outdoors.
  • Sharing information about the locations I visit, helping inspire others to explore some new exciting destinations, and hopefully making it a bit easier to plan their own trip.
  • Documenting my travels, adventures, discoveries, and revelations.  I can’t wait for that moment in the future when I look back and reflect on all the experiences I’ve had and places visited, and recognize everything I learned throughout them all.

So, I hope you enjoy this site.  I want share everything- knowledge gained, locations visited, magnificent sights- and hopefully help fuel other’s desire to explore this wild and wonderful planet we’ve been given. My biggest fear is in my final moments, wishing that I had done more in life- seen more, experienced more, LIVED more.  I’m trying really hard to not have to suffer those regrets.

“Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.”  -Sydney J. Harris