Shut Up & Take My Money

Numerous people have asked me what my living costs on the road look like- ask, and you shall receive.  I decided it would be a fun and eye opening endeavor to track every dollar I spent while actively living on the road (plus, it provided good solid data for the curious folks out there).

Big Bend-05812

This led to the depressing realization that I spend way more money than I’m aware of at times… ignorance is bliss, but financial ignorance?  Not so much.

Gasoline was my highest expense, which isn’t really avoidable when traveling nonstop.  Other expenditures could have possibly been lower- like, did I really need to buy ice cream/ coffee/ beer on a weekly basis?

Silly question, the answer is an obvious yes.

Also, just pointing out that the ‘shower/ laundry’ category is really low because I primarily showered at Planet Fitness or other free options- I promise I took way more showers than this category depicts.

The months that I used to collect this data were very active months: about 15,000 miles driven, throughout 23 states & 2 countries, and a ton of adventures along the way.  The figures below are based on an average of the months July-September.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 7.15.29 PM

Room for improvement?  Surely.  However, considering the amount of places experienced and distance traveled, I’d say it was money well spent.

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