Finding Hidden Falls

Three separate trips to Supai, and on the last I finally visited the elusive Hidden Falls- apparently the third time really is the charm!  One of the least mentioned landmarks of the area, this secret gem is definitely worth the trek off the main trail.  Looking down into the canyon from the cliffs above, you see no indication of this (aptly named) waterfall, which makes for a less crowded and even more alluring destination.


The route to the Falls is rather straightforward.  Heading from Havasu Falls up towards the village, you will veer off of the main trail and take a side trail to your right, prior to reaching lower Navajo Falls.  A weathered shelter on your right marks the point you turn (this is also across from where the Frybread Hut is now located).

Follow the dirt path for a short distance until it leads you down rough steps crafted from logs and rock, bringing you to the edge of Havasu Creek.  Continue to follow this path as it winds through vegetation and trees, keeping the creek to your right and the rocky cliffs to your left.

When the path ends abruptly at the edge of the water it may look like you need to cross to the other side- don’t, simply go around this section of rock (you’ll have to get your feet wet) and pick up the path around the other side.


Shortly after this point, the creek and canyon bend to the right, and the picturesque falls are finally in view.  You need to cross to the opposite bank at this point, we carefully picked our way across the travertine pools to do so.  Beware, some spots that are deeper than they appear.


The infamous blue waters are extra vibrant here, a perfect turquoise swimming hole forming at the bottom of the falls that spill through the narrow canyon walls.  The cliff side to the right of the falls allows you to walk rather close to the waterfall, and also offer some dry spots to hang out or lay out your gear.


The pool at the base of the falls is deep, excellent for playing and swimming- there is a slight current but as you reach the shallower edges the waters are slower and easily maneuvered.  I have heard that people come to this location to jump off of the cliffs into the deep swimming hole below.  Please remember that the Tribal rules specifically state no cliff diving- even if you see someone else doing so.

I did not track the distance for this hike, but from the turnoff at the main trail it can’t be more than a mile to the falls, and it is not a strenuous hike.  Adding this stop to your adventures in Supai is sure to make your trip even more memorable!


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