Time is Ticking

In precisely 3 months I plan on leaving Vegas to head back east; in 6 months, I intend to start my road trip around the country living in my van.  (March 1st and June 1st to be specific).  How is this happening already?!

The realization that time is ticking away is nothing new to me.  This entire year feels like it has flown by, days and weeks blurring together as each new month begins.  In some aspects this is a good thing- it means I am getting closer to seeing my friends and family back home, and closer to setting off on a journey that a few years ago I deemed impossible.  An intangible dream that is almost materialized, who wouldn’t be siked to make that happen?

The downside is that the way time is soaring by, reminds me how limited our time is.   I’m happy with the path I’m embarking on, but I’m not quite ready to leave Vegas behind- my job, all the cool spots I love to visit, the friends I’ve made.  Bittersweet.  It feels as if I was just settling into life here, and I wonder if this is really the right time to pick up and leave.  However, if we always wait around for the “right” time, will it ever come?

People say they want to wait to do certain things, bide their time until they’re “ready” to take on new commitments or travel a different path.  Not every decision is one to be rushed, so I can certainly understand being thoughtful with your actions and intentions.  I just caution you against waiting too long, to pursue something that you know in your heart you want to do.

There’s never going to be a perfect time.  If you want to do something different, if you have a goal in mind, start working towards it NOW.  It sounds cliche, but nothing is guaranteed, especially our time here.  I’ve known far too many people whose stories ended before they ever got to live the life they dreamed of (and I’m sure you do as well).  If you died tomorrow, would you be able to look back on your days and be pleased with how your time on this earth was spent?  Or would you feel disappointed that you didn’t get the chance to do more, the opportunity to chase your dreams, or be the person you always envisioned becoming?

Whatever you hearts desire is,  I hope you listen to it.  Move to your dream location.  Book the trip you’ve talked about for years.  Learn a new skill that you’ve always wanted to indulge in, but never took the time to try.  Get that degree you regret not finishing. Do whatever you wish… it’s certainly not my place to tell anyone how to spend their time, it just feels selfish to not encourage everyone I can towards more.  One life.  What do you want to do in yours?

Even the fear of death is nothing compared to the fear of not having lived authentically and fully.

-Frances Moore Lappe


2002 Ford E350 – my future home on wheels



6 thoughts on “Time is Ticking

  1. Exactly! I was just thinking about this yesterday. I wanted desperately to go to Italy, which is a huge chunk of my heritage. Time was just…ticking…so I made it a goal: get to Italy before I am 40. Then I made a savings plan, then I found a partner, then we went in my 39th year! I’ve done this for other things as well, like writing my first book. Time doesn’t carve itself out…we must use our time the way we want. And I have plenty left on my list. I worry I haven’t gone about this the best way. I’ll just do my best to keep setting goals and spending my time the way I really and truly want. So…are you headed back here specifically, or elsewhere back east? Just curious if I will see you. I was not planning on still being in WV now, as we are moving to VA, but need our house to sell first. I will sincerely hope our paths cross again!


    • That’s awesome that you made that trip happen, I bet it was an amazing time. I’ll be around all spring, and would love to make our paths cross before I leave again!

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  2. Jeffrey & I were just talking about you yesterday! We both enjoy checking out your facebook and instagram and seeing what adventure you are going on next!! So happy for you to be living out your dreams! 🙂


  3. Jeffrey & I were just talking about you yesterday! We both enjoy checking out your facebook and instagram and seeing what adventure you are going on next!! So happy for you to be living out your dreams! 🙂


    • Thank you so much! Definitely can’t wait to share road trip adventures… I follow your photos too! Gosh it’s crazy to think back to the Dawg days, how much life has changed 😆


  4. You are beyond inspiring Jesse!!! I miss you so much and hope we get to get together while you are back East !!!! I am so happy for you and I can not wait to keep following you on your journey !!! I am definitely living vicariously through you 🙂 xoxoxoxo


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